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Hi guys!

Hope you're all okay?👌🏼

So I thought I would write a post about my horses! Some of you may or may not know that I am a lover for horses and my life is all to do with horses! 🐴 My current horse is called Bunny, she is a 12 year old mare! I have had her for five years now 🙌🏼  I have been riding horses since I was four and my mum was hoping it would just be a stage but it wasn't! I stared off having lessons at my local riding school and then my mum and dad brought me my first pony called Chocolate Chip Muffin!

I had him for 5 years and sadly I grew out of him so I sold him to a lovely little girl who lives 10 minutes away from me so I could still go and visit him when ever I liked too! 👌🏼 I then brought a lovely little mare and she was called HoneyBee and she was amazing I broke her in myself and did everything I wanted with her and I sold her on after 4 years to a lady and she now has a forever home, which I am grateful for! Any of my horses will only be sold to home which I know will treat them the same as I would!
I then decided I wanted a horse how was more challenging to ride so I looked for months! I just couldn't find a horse which I liked and clicked with.. I tried loads of horses and It got the stage where I didnt even know if I wanted another horse 😮 The photos below are of Honeybee 💗

I was in all honesty about to give up and I had a few horses to view on the one day and the first was a lovely little horse but we didn't click and I didn't feel like I was the ride for them.. The next was bunny and I very nearly went home without going to view her as I was so disheartened because I just couldn't find the right horse! My mum said just to go and view this horses and go from there and I fall in love straight away!

Five years later here we are! Bunny is still with me and will be for many years to come! 

Hope you've all enjoyed this slightly different post today! What other hobbies do you have? 

Chelsea 💗 xxx


  1. I absolutely loved reading this post. I love horses but don't get to ride as much as I used to. I'm so happy you found a horse that you connected with in the end.

    Maya x

  2. This is such a lovely post. Honestly horses kind of scare me but my little sister is in love with them so I'm trying to get better with them and I went to watch her riding last week. This was so cute and I'm so glad you found a horse that you fell in love with in the end <3

    Lon x


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