Soap and Glory eyeshadow palette review 🙈

                                                                          Hi guys!

                                                                Hope you're all okay?🙌🏼

I received the Soap and Glory 'The Perfect Ten' eyeshadow palette last christmas off my mum.. and I love it! This is a limited addition palette which is great, although I would repurcase again if they brought it out next christmas as the colour are amazing! 💁🏽

It comes with 10 shades, most of them are shimmery shade, but there is a few mattes in there as well. All of the shades are very creamy and do blend very well! The colour pay off in this palette is amazing, one swipe of 'Moon Mist' which is the lightest shade in the palette and you have a define white shadow its great! 

This also means they are going to last a lot longer! You can't go wrong! I've done some research into this palette and it retailed for £16 at christmas time, as I said it limited addition so you might not be able to get your hands on it now, BUT Soap and Glory have brought out another one this year although  you might be able to purchase this exact one on eBay or Amazon but it  might be more expensive, But for the price I was surprised at how big it was, it is very slim and compact which is great if you want to take it out and about, it would easily fit into a small bag!✈️

 It also has a magnetised lid which mean it wouldn't flap open, which mean the shades are less likely to get damaged if you take it out travelling. Another bonus is that it comes with a mirror which is big enough to do your eyeshadow in. There is a little double ended brush which you can see in the photo above, its useable but not as good as the ones in the Urban Decay palette but for half the price I wouldn't expect an amazing brush.

I am currently away and I have brought this palette away with me 🙌🏼

Chelsea 💗 xxx


  1. I love these eyeshadow colours, so pretty!
    I think £16 actually sounds pretty reasonable.

    Maya x

  2. Ooo i love the look of this palette, the pinky shades are so nice! xoxo

  3. I don't normally by soap and glory products but this palette looks really pretty x

  4. The palette looks like to has some really pretty colours! Would love to see some swatches too!



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