New Year.. Exciting Times Ahead 🙋🏽

Hi Guys! 

Hope you're all good? 

And I hope you had an amazing Christmas and start to the new year! 💁🏽

So I know I'm abit late to the party on this one but I thought I would let know a little about what I have planned for the coming year! 😮

So I'm hoping this year is going to be a good one! I have planned some good things already!

Theres a few things I would like to do this year and here they are ⬇️

As some of you may know that I work and breathe horses, and I work with event horses and this year I am hoping that I will have the opportunity to go and groom and more top events over the season 🙌🏼 I groomed at Hartpury International Show last summer and It was one of the best experiences I've had! 💗

One of the main this I would love to achieve within my free time this year is to put all my efforts into a starting and growing a Youtube channel, The filming I think I will be okay at producing the videos it will be the editing I will struggle with but hopefully my boyfriend will help me with this aspect 👌🏼 I am currently looking at buying some soft box lights as the lights in my bedroom are not great and I think it will beneficial 🎥

Improve my makeup skills is another skill I would love to work on this year, over 2017 I improved rather a lot! Blending eyeshadow is something I do need to continue to work on, I will be honest I do get bored with blending but its something I need to work on! Winged eyeliner is another things I would like to improve on, I am probably the worst person at winged liner! I can do one eye perfectly and the other eye will look so bad that I have to start my eye makeup again! But they do say practice make perfect! 🙌🏼 I used to wear black eyeliner everyday... But now I barely ever wear it! 🤗

I am also going to work very hard on my relationship with my horse and getting her going again, she had some time off over the winter as the yard she is stabled as only has an outdoor school and hacking so riding when it gets dark at 3 o'clock is very hard! I have the saddle fitter coming out in the next few weeks to sort her a new dressage saddle out and adjust her jump saddle as she has changed shape, then we will be ready to crack on! 🐴

I have some more exciting things coming up this year too! Stay tuned 🙌🏼

Chelsea 💗 xxx


  1. That all sounds so exciting. I love horses so please let me know when your channel is up cause I will definitely be watching.

    Maya x


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