Christmas Wishlist ☃️

Hi guys! 

Hope you're all okay!

So it is finally CHRISTMAS time!! ☃️❄️ I am a lover of christmas and even thought I have recently turned 21 I still have my Christmas decoration up before anyone else!

So everyone has a list of presents they want for Christmas and here is mine!

1. Zoeva Makeup Brushes! - So I have always wanted a set of Zoeva makeup brushed but i have never got round to buying myself a set so this year I have put them on my Christmas list, I have asked my boyfriend for these for Christmas so hopefully he might get them for me 👌🏼 You can buy them  Here 🔥

2.  Wellies! 👢 - Some of you may know that as well as beauty I have a huge love for horses and I work and breathe horses everyday, and my current pair of wellies have huge holes in them so Im in need a new pair!

3. A holiday!  - Okay so I think this is asking too much but we can dream right?🙋🏽

4. Clothes - Cant go wrong with some new clothes and Im a lover of shopping and clothes 🙌🏼

5. Lush Bath Bombs - I love Lush! and you can never have too many bath bombs right? The smell which comes off them is amazing!!!

6. Makeup - Anything makeup related and I will love it!

7. Something for the horse - Some of you may know Im actually a lover of horses and my life is all about horses! Anything for the horse is a bonus!

Hope this is helpful for anyone who is looking for ideas for christmas 🎄

Chelsea 💗xxx


  1. I didn't know you were a horse lover! I absolutely adore horses and wish I could find more time to go riding.

    Maya x

  2. I totally agree, you can never have too much Lush, their christmas range is always my favourite! x

  3. Hey! I am also a christmas lover! I love your list! and i would also love some lush bath bombs <3


  4. Lush bath bombs are an essential!

    Sophia xo


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