Christmas Edition.. Would You Rather 😱

Hi guys! 

Hope you're all well? 

Have any of you guys had snow over the last few days? ☃️

Today I have a Christmas edition would you rather?😱 I seen this on Lauren Ann Beauty blog and thought I would give it a go too, you can check her blog out ➡️ Here She's lovely! 

So here we go! ⬇️

1. Giving presents or recieving them? 

As some of you might know I do have an shopping addiction.. I love shopping so I actually rather giving presents to people because I love buying meaningful gifts for people! 🎁

2. Christmas Pudding or Trifle?

I am not a lover of Christmas pudding.. So it will have to be trifle on this one, I do actually love a bit of trifle! 

3. 'Home Alone' or 'A Christmas Carol' ?

Home Alone 100% 👌🏼

4. Spend Christmas abroad or at home?

Home!! Ive have never been away for christmas! 

5. Receive 1 very expensive present or a few not-so expensive presents? 

I have always been abit of a high end girl so I would much rather have one expensive present than a few little ones 😱

I challenge you to answer these questions! 

Let me know if you answer them! Link your blog below!! I would love to here your answers!

Chelsea 💗 xxx


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