Life update 💗 I went to Fuerteventura ✈️🌴☀️

Hi guys!

Hope you're all okay?

So I have been rather quiet recently as I came back from holiday and went straight to work and haven't really stopped! 👌🏼

So life update time! 😱

I had an AMAZING time in Fuerteventura with my partner and it was amazing! I did vlog the holiday which is on my Youtube channel Here ◀️

I got off the plane and went straight to work for the weekend so I did not have time to have holiday blues.. which personally I am glad! 🙌🏼 The photos on the left hand side is some selected photos from my holiday! I have hundreds of photos! 🤗

Its getting to the time of year where I am incredible stressed with uni work.. Uni students will understand that november is full of stress.. I have so much work to do! But I would much rather be writing blog posts! 😎 I am seriously stressed!

So yeah I have made a Youtube channel as well! I have always wanted to start youtube so I thought I would attempt to edited my videos from holiday to see how to do it.. I have never edited anything in my life so I thought i'd would give it ago! I will be making videos when I get my set up sorted but I will let you know when I do! So the vlog is up on my channel.. it is not the best thing in the world but we've all got to start some where right? 😱

Work is also crazy at the moment as we are in process of moving to a new yard which is so exciting! Yard is amazing!!! 🐴 I can't wait to move all the horses and get settled! 

Hope you've all had a good couple of weeks! 

Please check out my vlog and subscribe 🙈

Chelsea 💗xxx


  1. Ahh congratulations on your new place-so exciting! I have slight holiday envy I would love to go away right now! Sounds like your holiday came at the perfect time though. Good luck for the move.

    Maya x

  2. Going on holiday is the best!! Glad you had a lovely holiday xoxo

  3. November is so stressful with Uni work, I have SO much to do too. So glad you had a lovely holiday :)

    Lon x

  4. well done on starting your own youtube channel, I want to start mine in the new year! how has it been for you so far?

    Sophia xo //


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