Mystery Product Review😱 Blogtober day 12 🙌🏼

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 Today is going to be a rather long review! I've got two products that I have been using for a few months now.. One being the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer. 

First off can we just sit back and look at how beautiful the packaging is on this bronzer? Too Faced do the most amazing packaging for there products! The colour pay off for this bronzer is amazing, one light touch and you get an amazing bronzed look, this product will last ages! It bends like a dream, doesn't take very long to blend and the bronzer itself is very creamy, yet has a light texture on the skin... which I love! It also does not go cakey on the top of foundation which is a plus! As some of you may know.

 Too Faced are known for the smell of the products they produce, as you may of guessed this bronzer smells like chocolate.. chocolate you say..? yes! The smell of this bronzer is to die for! It smells like a you're stood in a chocolate shop.. being a massive chocolate fan myself I couldn't help but buy this bronzer! It a great size for travelling as well, as it also comes with a sturdy mirror which it great if you're on the go! 
You can purchase this bronzer at⬇️

The next product I have to review is the Benefit They're Real Mascara, I've got to be honest, I was expecting more from this product. The only thing I find annoying is that once you've applied one coat you can't manipulate the lash very much, they are stuck in place! Although this is great if you want one coat, but I like my lashes to be big and bold and it just goes clumpy if I put more than one coat one, and for the price I don't want this to happen.
 Another thing is the product is very runny, and this is why I think my lashes go clumpy after one coat, although I did clean the excess of the product off the wand and it worked wonders! The smell isn't great either, its very strong smelling product and did put me off using it when I got it, but now I've used it a lot more it is growing on me.

 It defiantly gets better with time! The wand on this mascara is one of the best I've seen, it gets right to the route of your lashes and even gets the smaller corner lashes which I used to struggle to get with normal mascara. Removal of this product can be tricky.. but I would say thats a good thing because your lashes will not move throughout the day and even on the rainy days (we have a lot of them in England) it will not budge! You will not be able to remove it with normal make up wipes, the best way i have found is to use micellar water, I use the Bioderma Micellar Water and this works wonders! You can purchase this product here⬇️

Have you used these products?

Chelsea 💗 xxx


  1. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil is my favourite bronzer ever. I recently hit pan on mine and I can't explain how sad I am!

    Sophia xo //

  2. Both these products look really good. I love a bronzer cause I always feel like my face looks really pale!

    Maya x

  3. I've been debating to buy that Too Faced bronzer for so long, think you won me over!!


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