Building a makeup collection on a budget 🙈Blogtober day 22 😱

Hi guys!

Hope you're all okay?

 I get so many questions off friends or other bloggers how I built my make up collection over time. Well I  started to collect makeup about 2 years ago now, I always had the basic makeup like foundation and mascara but nothing compared to what I own now.😱

I started buying bits and pieces and that kinda escalated over time, I started off buying drugstore make up, I love drugstore make up! You can get some amazing dupes for high end make up in the drugstore! Sometimes I have found the some of my drugstore items have actually been better than some of my high end items 😃

Mac is my downfall! I have 9 Mac lipsticks and considering I've only been collecting them for about 6 months I think thats pretty good going! 🍂I had a Mac voucher for my birthday and brought three lipsticks and then it got a little bit of an obsession 😂

I tend to buy little bits of make up every time I go to shopping  .. you don't have buy make up all in one go, because that when it becomes expensive, all the make up I have I  have brought over time and not in one go. I do collect a lot of foundation.... I'm not sure why,..I just do and I can't help it! The main foundation I use is NARS All day luminous, It is the best foundation I have used which suits my skin tone, Its great... although it is very expensive, I paid £32 for one bottle, and being student I can't afford that so I have also been using the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation which i found to be a great dupe for the NARS foundation, and for nearly 1/3 of the price its a great deal!

My best advice to anyone who wants to build a makeup collection on a budget is 100% to buy little bit and pieces as you go along and it will soon add up! 

Have you got any tips?

Chelsea 💗xxx


  1. I completely agree with buying like one thing per shopping trip. It feels far less expensive that way!

  2. I'm a sucker for mac lipsticks too! Also agree that sometimes the drugstore products are a lot better than the high end stuff! x

  3. I tend to buy whatever I need and then a few extra bits at the same time. I try not to wear make up throughout the week as I'm mainly just chilling at home with my daughter so it usually lasts a long time.

    Maya x


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