Welcome September 🍂 Life Update 🍃

Hi Guys!

Hope you're all okay?

I'm so excited that its finally getting into my favourite time of year! I don't know about you but as soon as we get into September I'm already starting to think of christmas? Im sure its not just me right? ❄️ 
But anyway thats enough about christmas because otherwise I will get too excited! ☃️ I have just hit over 3,000 views on my blog! HOW EXCITING! I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has read my post and thank you for all the support! 🙈💗

On the downside, I enrol back into uni next week.. where has the summer gone?😱 I am kinda looking forward to going back but on the other hand I'm not looking forward to going back😳 I'm looking forward to seeing a few of my friends but I'm not looking forward to doing all the work📕 I haven't had the best two weeks health wise! I have been very unwell and had to take time off work because of it.. I hate taking any time off work.. so annoying☹️ I am starting to feel slightly better but I'm still very week, I also haven't been able to ride my horse which is sad and I hate not being able to ride!

I am so exciting for the weather to starting getting colder! I do like summer but I'm much more of a winter person! I love being wrapped up in a oversized jumper ❄️ I am going away from my 21st birthday in October so it will be really strange going away to somewhere warm then coming back to the cold.. I don't think my partner will be very happy about that but I am the weirdo who will actually enjoy that 😂

Hope you've enjoyed this little life update!

Let me know in the comments if you prefer winter or summer?❄️🌞

Chelsea 💗 xxx


  1. I love autumnal weather - especially the clothing that comes with it!!
    Best wishes, Gee

  2. I love autumn too! By far my favourite season! The jumpers and autumnal colours are just amazing!

    Madiha | www.mevstheodds.com

  3. My favourite season is Autumn! I went away to a hot country last October and it was a bit of a shock to the system, to come back to the cold. Hopefully it will be milder when you get back.


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