Back to university, how to cope with stress?😱📕 ☃️❄️

Hi Guys,

Hope you're all okay?😄

Today post is an life update, and how I try and cope with stress from life, uni and family!
So I went back to university last Wednesday and Ive got to say I was rather worried to go back and see everyone 😳

I don't really have a large friend group because Im not the type of person to have a large group of friends I would much rather just have a few really good and loyal friends which I have.. well two of them anyway 😍 I don't really get along with a few people purely because they can be rather nasty but you will get that whatever university you go too 👎🏻 So a lot of you may know that I am actually a great lover of horses ( There is a post coming soon all about it, I think you'll all be shocked😱) So my degree is in Equine Science.. yes a science degree 😃

So Im just going into my 3rd year of my degree, I have been loving the course but I hate the travelling sometimes! I lived onsite at uni for my first year of university which was great,. I did move halls after christmas because I had friends in other halls and they had a spare room and I also did not get on too great with the people in my original hall. After I moved halls I had an amazing time! 🙌🏼 We would always go out on a student night which I would do before, we could have sleepover and just have a good time! There was always someone down the hall to go and talk to which I liked.. It was like a massive family ✌🏼My second year I decided to drive to uni everyday, which was fine as I only live 40 minutes away but the traffic would make me constantly late for lectures which was a pain! Luckily my tutor was really understanding about this matter and offered any help if I missed a lecture. 📕 This year I will also be driving up to university which I don't mind as they have sorted the  road out which the traffic was on so hopefully I can get away which not being late this year 🙌🏼

A lot of people ask me how I deal with stress at uni and home.. well in all honesty, it is hard! 👎🏻 But you've just got to take time out for yourself.. in my case I either go and ride my horse or spend time with my boyfriend, but not everyone has those opinions , so my advice would be to find a hobby or something you really enjoy and if you feel stressed go out and do your hobby.. either that or take a nice long bath with a candle.. that always works for me! 🕯

I hope you've found this helpful and if you have any questions about uni Im happy to answer them for you! 😃

Chelsea 💗xxx


  1. I only do part time uni but with a 3 month old baby I find keeping up with work stressful at times. For me blogging is a way to releve stress. I know it takes up time but it's something I enjoy so I look forward to it. Xx

  2. I kind of wish I lived the whole uni life! Would have be fun as well as stressful! xx

  3. I'm only in my 3rd week of uni and I'm already stressed. I've been doing a lot of sport as stress relief and I saw my boyfriend this weekend which really helped. It sounds silly but it is good to know that everybody finds it hard and I'm not the only one

    Lon x

  4. aww lovely post, I'm excited for Uni next year!!


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