£1 VS £5 Beauty Blender dupes 😱

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Today I have another review for you! 🌸

Everyone has heard of the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge and personally I have never tried it until today but Im going to compare my £1 Primark sponge to the Real Techniques sponge πŸ’‹

I brought the Real Techniques sponge yesterday and I used it for the first time today and I must say I am impressed! I have switching between my Beauty blender and my Primark for the last year.. I never really use brushes to blend my foundation in.. I don't find I get as much coverage but that is my personal opinionπŸ’‹

My Primark sponge was pink when I first brought it but because I use it most days.. it has seen better days and it has got some chunks taken out of it.. it is well loved! It still works exactly the same! It does expand when you put it under water but not a huge amount.. It is a very hard sponge when it is dry, but once wet it is absolutely fine! For £1 you can't fault it!

I have been trying the Real Techniques sponge out for the last few days and I have my updated thought on it! I love it!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Its so soft and blends my foundation flawlessly.. I will be honest its so similar to the Beauty Blender you would know the difference... and this is coming from a Beauty Blender lover!

 The photo to the left shows my Primark beauty blender dupe and my Real Techniques sponge. As you can tell my primary sponge has seen better days! πŸ™„ But it still works the exact same! They are both dry in the photo and the Real Techniques one is slightly bigger and my primary one does not expand that much anymore, it used to expand loads, but it doesn't anymore 😳 The Real Techniques sponge expanded twice the size of the Primark sponge which is fine but I kinda like the little sponge as I find it easier to use!

 Hope you've found the review helpful! I don't think Premark sell this exact sponge anymore but I have checked and they do sell similar ones which come in a pack of two! πŸ˜„

What are your thoughts?😱

Chelsea πŸ’— xxx


  1. I love the Real Techniques sponge! I've never used a different kind of beauty blender though, I've always just stuck with that one

    Lon x


  2. this is my holy grail sponge, I haven't really branched out and tried any other yet xx

  3. Can't go wrong with real techniques, I always buy this beauty blendet and I love it!! Xoxo


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