Collection Sheer Loose Powder Review 🎀

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Today I have another review for you!😄 Today I am viewing the Collection Sheer Loose Powder. I have had this powder for a few months and have been using it on a daily basics and I will say I am impressed! 😄 I use this powder to bake under my eyes and to set the rest of my face. I have combination skin and my nose, forehead and chin get very oily. I will say this powder holds up for about 5/6 hours then I notice that my oils start to break through. It does not cling on my dry patches which I really like! 🙌🏼

I brought this product from Superdrug for £2.99 ... WOW! 😱 I think it was a huge bargain especially when it comes with a sponge which I personally don't use the sponge but I think its a great idea. It sits very light on the skin and does not look powdery, it can look slightly cakey if you put too much on but with a light dusting its amazing! The packaging is like most other loose powders and personally I like it, the screw lid is great for travelling or storing as the lid is less likely to come off and spill everywhere! 👌🏼

The only thing I'm not too keen about is that sometimes the powder gives my face a orange look around my nose but for the price I really can't complain. I really think this is hidden gem in the drugstore and I think people are missing out! I have recommend this powder to a few friends and I hope they like it as much as I do! The sheer loose powder comes with 20G of product and compared to my Rimmel Match Perfection one which has 10G in it is double the amount of product for half the price 🙌🏼

I hope this post has given everyone a hidden gem to go and find! I highly recommend this product! 😱 You can buy this product from Superdrug, Boots or off the Collection website.

Chelsea 💗 xxx


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