Why did I leave? Horsing around!

Hi guys!!

A lot of you have been asking where have I been the last few months, well its been a bust few months! Firstly I have a new job! I recently found myself looking for a new job as I was no longer enjoying where I was working, It was the best decision I have made! I absolutely love my new job. Im currently working on a 2* event yard with event horses and horses which have been brought to the yard for re - schooling or holiday livery! I get to work alongside a 2* event rider who is an amazing rider and teacher! I have been working at Armstrong Equine since April 2017. I have been working part time alongside doing my full time Equine Science degree at Hartpury! Im going into my last year at uni this September and the exams I have been studying for have been very important hence why I have been pretty quiet on my blog which makes me rather sad, but I am back!


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