Mini Homeware and Accessories Haul!πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ’—

Hi Guys!πŸ’‹

Today I went shopping with my friend Charlotte and brought a few things which I would like to show you! I only brought a few thingsπŸŽ€First thing I brought was this fake plant from Primark for only £3! Such bargainπŸ˜„ My theme in my room is grey, white and rose gold accessories and I have been seeing this fake plants on social media and really wanted to get my hands on one and luckily my local Primark had them in stock! It has a lovely rose gold pot with fake little stones for the base of the plant and long spiky leaves as you can see from the photo🌾I am either going to put this on my makeup dressing table or on one of my bedside tables.. I haven't really decided where I'm going to put it yet.. Any suggestions?πŸ˜„

The next item I brought I have been wanting for ages! I see them all the time on social media and Ive not found one I've liked until now.. and this is a LED mirror! I found this in B  and M Bargains for £7.99! 😱 Yes £7.99!!! Absolute bargain!! You do need 4 double A batteries for this mirror but the lights are so bright for such a little mirror! It comes with a storage tray for bits and pieces, a mart touch on and off switch and it also rotates 180 degrees!It is so cool! Although it think they are going to sell out soon! So head over to B and M bargains and snap one up πŸ’‘Next Thing I brought from Primark was this 3 pack of chokers with was in the sale for 50p!! Down from £1.50 which was another bargain! It comes with two thin chokers one which is white and the other one a pink velvet and I love anything pink and anything velvet! πŸ’—The last one is a blue denim choker which is a lot thick than the first two, but I like this one a lot! I can think of a few outfits which this choker will go nice with! πŸ‘— Excited to start wearing these! The thing I brought today was a hanging chalkboard which I have been looking for ages for! It has a grey frame which goes nicely with my room and has Monday to Sunday on it so I can write everything I'm doing at the start of the week and so I don't forget anything important!πŸ“– Not sure where in my room I'm going to put this yet but I'm sure I can't find a nice space for it. I'm looking forward to playing around with this and the best bit was it was only £2.99 from B and M!😱

Hope you've all enjoyed this blog post and if you'd like me to do more hauls like this then let me know! πŸŽ€

Chelsea πŸ’—xxx


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